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Airplane Hangar Fall Arrest System

Airplane Hangar Fall Arrest System Designed For Big Jobs

The fall protection system at this airport hangar was a large undertaking, expertly installed by the fall protection specialists from Lighthouse Safety. Each worker at the hangar has many concerns. Every job is literally a multi-million dollar project – cleaning, maintaining or repairing hugely expensive jets. The work can be complicated. The footing can be treacherous. It’s all too easy to make safety protection less of a consideration. A strong fall protection system from Lighthouse Safety eliminates this concern. The system is user-friendly and provides full mobility, even in such a large space. Every part of the plane can be safely and efficiently reached. Danger is completely avoided. In an airport hangar -- where every job is big and expensive – your best assurance of safety is the guaranteed-effective fall protection services of Lighthouse Safety. Our fall protection experts will assess any hazards before, during and after the project to make sure your workers have the highest possible degree of protection from falls.

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