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Fall Arrest Systems for Airplane Hangars

Fall Arrest Systems For Airplane Hangars Delivers Effectiveness And Safety

A fall protection system provides complete peace of mind when it is properly utilized. It is user-friendly so there is no lessening of productivity or work quality. Work is done more quickly and efficiently, without danger of worker injury. Modern airplanes have many curved surfaces to assure they are effectively aerodynamic. These design breakthroughs for aircraft must be matched by fall protection systems which allow work to be safely done. Lighthouse Safety will design, engineer and install a system which meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI fall protection requirements. One of our fall protection experts will visit your facility in advance to professionally assess the fall hazards at your site. If solutions are needed, a firm and accurate quote will be provided to you along with at least two specific solutions for each detected problem. You will have complete flexibility and control over the solutions. We guarantee each will meet all local, state and federal safety standards.

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