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Fall Arrest Systems for Aviation Facilities

Fall Arrest Systems For Aviation Facilities Exceed OSHA Standards

Fall protection experts from Lighthouse Safety understand the safety challenges facing the airline industry. Our experienced product installation professionals will guarantee the safety of your personnel. Our services go above OSHA standards and ANSI requirements. Decades of experience in the safety industry have given our fall protection specialists a wealth of practical, hands-on knowledge. Our safety systems are user-friendly. Excellent onsite training is provided. Because of our professional perspective, we can assure your company will meet or exceed all present and future requirements. The safety and well-being of your workers require nothing less. When we provide certification, it will always comply with local, state and federal codes. This airport hangar installation required special engineering, design and installation. Whenever custom fall arrest system engineering is required, the fall protection experts from Lighthouse Safety will give you a high-quality list of specifications and a detailed drawing. The equipment will consist of everything needed to assure maximum fall protection. It will not be limited to off-the-shelf or standard products.

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