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Fall Protection for the Aviation Industry

Fall Protection For The Aviation Industry Is Vital

Ease of use is always an important consideration when Lighthouse Safety installs a new fall protection system. Each of your workers is carefully trained on how to properly use the system. Best procedures are taught and demonstrated. A fall protection system from Lighthouse Safety is extremely user-friendly. Full mobility and worker effectiveness is assured. Airplanes are large and difficult to handle vehicles, full of curves and angles to navigate. Each can be properly cleaned, adjusted, maintained or repaired using our state-of-the art fall protection systems. In a relatively short time, the system becomes almost second nature to the worker, helping him to do the work with the highest degree of effectiveness and the highest level of safety. Using the proper equipment, Lighthouse Safety can assure fall protection is convenient, safe, simple and secure. Falls won’t happen. Higher productivity and greater worker confidence will happen!

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