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Aviation Fall Arrest Systems

Aviation Fall Arrest Systems Are Specially Designed And Engineered

Depending on the facility and the planes being serviced, every fall safety equipment installation is different. Various challenges need to be overcome to assure worker safety. This airport hangar system was specially designed and engineered to provide maximum protection while also enabling each worker to have maximum mobility to complete his work. Onsite training helped the staff develop a familiarity with the system, enabling them to use it smoothly and efficiently. Because of the nature of the work being done on the planes, there is always a danger of falling from a great height. When properly used, fall protection equipment from Lighthouse Safety eliminates this possibility. This is one of the main reasons why we are willing to invest so much time and effort to make sure your employees understand the system and its operation. Our fall protection engineers will design the system with excellent anchors and bases to support the system and provide maximum protection.

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