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Personal Fall Protection

Personal Fall Protection Inspires Confidence And Productivity

Personal fall protection professionals from Lighthouse Safety can help your workers remain productive as well as safe. Our systems are designed to enable each worker to safely and confidently do their tasks. If outside framing is needed to assure a stable system, we will design a customized fall protection system for you, a detailed cost estimate and a firm work schedule. If needed, a detailed drawing will also be done. The result will be peace of mind for you, knowing how the work will be done and how much it will cost. Furthermore, you will better understand how the new system will provide the maximum fall protection you desire for your staff. All fall protection projects are different to some degree, but this project at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Domes was unique. It was no problem for our experienced and well-trained fall protection technicians. We have the skill and hands-on experience to solve any challenge. Our goal is always to provide maximum on-the-job fall protection.

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