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Fall Protection Products Are Individually Customized

The Mitchell Domes in Milwaukee are a one-of-a-kind attraction. Similarly, the fall protection system designed by Lighthouse Safety was a unique proposition for our experienced fall protection experts. They designed and installed a specially-tailored system using many custom-fabricated pieces of equipment rather than using only off-the-shelf or products which were already-engineered. The result was a system which was exactly what was needed. It wasn’t just adequate. It was perfect. The entire project was completed on schedule and on budget. More importantly, it exceeded all OSHA, CSA and ANSI requirements. In addition, given the unique perspective of Lighthouse Safety personnel, the new system is very likely to meet or exceed even future requirements. Some projects are often similar from one installation to the next, but the design is always different. Each project has its own unique requirements. Our experienced fall protection specialists have the hands-on experience, knowledge and training to handle every task.

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