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Rescue Confined Space

Our Rescue Equipment In A Confined Space Will Work When Needed

Emergencies aren’t ever convenient. They don’t happen at the right time and they never happen in the right place. Lighthouse Safety sets the industry standard for emergency rescue systems and equipment. These will be ready to handle your emergency not matter when or where it happens. It might be good weather or bad. It might be during the day or night. Whatever the situation, you can rest assured your body harnesses, winches and other equipment will perform at the highest level. All of our safety equipment meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards. Every second is vital. Everything must happen as planned – quickly and safely. There must not be any concern about whether the equipment will perform. Lighthouse Safety has the experience to eliminate such concerns with fall protection consultation. All of your workers will be kept safe in the line of duty. We will keep you and your workers confident, effective, productive and protected.

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