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Retractable Fall Protection

Retractable Fall Protection For Maximum Safety In A Tight Spot

When work has to be done in a confined space, Lighthouse Safety provides retractable fall protection systems to assure the highest level of worker safety. The confined space experts at Lighthouse Safety have the skills, equipment and experience to help you assure safety in even tight places. You can’t control how much space is available for each job. The only constant is the need for the work to be done – effectively and as quickly as possible. This retractable fall protection equipment from Lighthouse Safety is just the solution you need. We have portable lift systems and hoist systems. We have systems for underground rescue or utility work. We have compact ladders for tankers. We offer lightweight manual equipment for lifting. When you need this type of portable equipment, you can rely on the fall protection design authorities at Lighthouse Safety to provide the systems you need – the right equipment for the right results at the right price.

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