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Roof Fall Protection

Roof Fall Protection Is Always Customized

A fall protection system is a requirement in today’s world. Lighthouse Safety helps provide this protection even when a roof does not have a stable base strong enough to hold the weight of one or more workers who are falling. In such cases, Lighthouse Safety will engineer a roof fall protection solution - for example, installing steel from the floor to above the ceiling. Another design approach would be to install attachments or bases to support and protect the workers and their equipment. The design for each project is always different because each project is different. Our fall protection experts will provide the precise roof fall protection you need to assure workers will be completely safe. Our workers only use the finest custom fabricated and powder coated steel to work on a roof. Our personnel have the skills, equipment, resources and hands-on knowledge to provide precisely what you need – whether the application requires standard equipment or completely customized equipment specifically designed for you.

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