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Aircraft Maintenance Fall Protection

Professional Safety Solutions For Maintenance And Inspection Workers In Hangars And Runways

Aviation Fall Protection

Whether in the hangar or on the flight line, aviation technicians and mechanics often conduct their work well above the hangar floor and tarmac. Environmental conditions, hydraulic fluid, sloped fuselages, and narrow stabilizers can increase the risk of a fall when working on aircraft.

Lighthouse Safety provide fall arrest solutions for corporate, commercial, aircraft manufacturers and military bases designed for a variety of locations, heights and adding to the complexity of providing fall protection for aircraft are factors such as aircraft positioning, work on a variety of different aircraft, unique building structures, and the need for limited work interruption during installation and usage.

Our compliant fall protection equipment meets both OSHA 190, AFOSH, and ANSI Z359 expectations and has been designed for professional, optimum safety standards. Whether your hangar requires a bridge design or a ceiling-mounted system, our designs integrate with existing support structures to provide an efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and secure fall protection solution.

Lighthouse Safety goes beyond designing and installing fall protection systems to protect aviation techs and mechanics; we ensure they are professionally trained to perform inspections, maintenance, and repair work at height to prevent maintenance fall hazards.

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Aviation Fall Protection Solutions

Rigid Rail

When properly utilized, rigid rail overhead protection outperforms traditional cable-based lifeline products by arresting falls in a much shorter distance than other lifeline products. 


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Lifeline Systems

Lighthouse Safety range of lifeline systems offers compliant, accessible, and practical fall arrest solutions whether you require overhead, vertical, or horizontal installations.


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Portable Solutions

Lighthouse Safety has a portable fall protection solution for most fall hazards, from simple freestanding single-point anchors to remote-controlled, drivable, and height-adjustable solutions.


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