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Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance and Construction Industry Requires a Range of Active and Passive Fall Protection Solutions to Meet the Safety Needs of a Growing Workforce.

Fall Protection in Construction

Building maintenance workers require a high level of professional fall arrest solutions to reduce the risks of working at height in construction.

Lighthouse Safety is expert in a wide range of construction safety solutions. We specialize in all areas of construction safety and supply everything from guardrail systems, hole covers, warning and marking schemes to lifelines, ladder safety devices, and rescue systems.

Our professional team understands the process and need for construction. It offers comprehensive inspection, and certification scheduling ensures the operation and maintenance of any permanent fall protection systems for life their use.

A range of portable solutions is often utilized as work moves locations and elevations and provides fall protection to workers loading and unloading trucks. When structures are being erected, anchors are usually installed and used before the roof system is completed, protecting workers from falls during construction.

Our structural engineers verify compatibility with existing structures and perform specific analyses to ensure the safety of every worker

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Building Maintenance Fall Safety Solutions

Anchor Points

In any active fall protection system, careful consideration must be taken in determining a suitable anchorage point for tying off. Anchor Points can be used in a variety of tasks and applications. OSHA and ANSI compliant, cost effective and easy to use, our tie off options anchors are being used in general industry and building maintenance applications around the world.

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Davit and socket systems are implemented worldwide, easy to operate, economical and readily customized. Socket systems are generally exposed, but can be recessed below the roof surface where a public space requires an aesthetic solution.

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Lighthouse's permanent and temporary guardrail systems feature a modular design that takes the complexity and high cost out of roof edge protection for good. Systems integrate with existing ladders, equipment, and obstructions and provide durable, compliant fall protection for all standard rooftops.

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Lifeline Systems

Our full range of Lifeline Systems offer fully-compliant, practical safety solutions for structures of all types, in all industries. Lifeline Systems are used in a variety of industries and applications.

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Unprotected skylights pose a significant fall risk and are one of the most common causes of falling accidents from rooftops in general industry. Lighthouse Safety's skylight system and skylight railing solutions provide compliant protection to keep roof workers safe and help avoid accidental falls.

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Walkways & Platforms

Lighthouse Safety offers a comprehensive line of fall safety solutions that include permanent and portable walkways and platforms. Our modular access system designs add versatility and reduce installation time.

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