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Distribution & Logistics

Lighthouse Safety Offers A Range Of Standard And Custom Fall Arrest Solutions To Meet The Safety Needs Of Today’s Distribution Centers.

Supply Logistics Fall protection

The fast-paced and evolving demands of distribution centers and logistic warehouses can present many fall risks for workers using forklifts, elevated work surfaces, conveyors, and mezzanines.

Warehouses and distribution centers require professional, affordable, and flexible fall safety equipment that meets company safety policies whilst reducing interruption to logistics supply caused by avoidable injuries to workers.

Lighthouse Safety has years of experience supporting distribution and logistic industries to design, install and train workers in the use of compliant safety solutions which dramatically reduce fall hazards.

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Fall Safety Solutions for Distribution and Logistics


Lighthouse's permanent and temporary guardrail systems feature a modular design that takes the complexity and high cost out of roof edge protection for good. Systems integrate with existing ladders, equipment, and obstructions and provide durable, compliant fall protection for all standard rooftops.

Lifeline Systems

Our full range of Lifeline Systems offer fully-compliant, practical safety solutions for structures of all types, in all industries. Lifeline Systems are used in a variety of applications.

Rigid Rail

The versatile nature of our rigid rail systems allow us to configure a solution to your specific needs. The rigid construction minimizes fall distances allowing for protection at working levels as low as 4', making them ideal for any type of maintenance environemnt.

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