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Fall protection for Distribution Centers

The fast-paced and evolving demands of distribution centers and logistic warehouses can present many hazards for workers using forklifts, elevated work surfaces, conveyors, and mezzanines as a function of their job.

For over 20 years, the Lighthouse Safety team has designed and installed thousands of fall protection solutions that meet federal requirements, corporate safety policies and industry best practices. Our innovative and practical safety solutions have not only address OSHA/ANSI requirements but in many cases dramatically reduced risk, stress and fatigue within some of the busiest operations in North America.

Establish a strong and healthy safety culture and protect workers while loading and unloading trailers and railcars, make accessing conveyors quicker and easier, take the risk of injury out of fulfillment, picking and storage routines, and keep workers at a safe distance from unprotected roof edges which changing filters on rooftop HVAC systems or cleaning solar panels.  

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Distribution and Logistics Safety Solutions

Safety Railing & Guardrail

Safety railing and guardrail is frequently used to address safety standards in both warehouses and on loading docks. Our modular solutions are used to provide continuous runs of guardrail to prevent people from falling from the end of the dock, to protect pedestrians and workers from forklifts and other moving warehouse vehicles. 


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Safety Gates

A fully adjustable range of self closing safety gates for use in rooftop or industrial environments. Self closing safety gates are ideal for protecting any openings, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches, walkways, access to industrial machinery and other restricted areas, where regular access for maintenance and inspection is needed.


Lifeline Systems

Ideal for conducting general rooftop maintenance because it provides workers with freedom of movement while being securely tied off at all times, our energy absorbing lifeline system is most commonly installed as an active restraint or fall arrest solution. However, its flexibility enables this horizontal lifeline system to add fall safety and compliance through a variety of applications including non-penetrating/mobile dead weight and as an overhead arrest system. Fully-compliant, rigorously tested, and practical. 


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Safety Barriers

Our range of Industrial Safety Products increase workplace safety, productivity and reduce employee injuries by protecting people, machinery, building walls, shelving, racks, doors, finished products, and anything else that requires protection on site. When used correctly, these products simultaneously keep workers feeling safe and comfortable while protecting equipment and minimizing maintenance costs.

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Pallet / Mezzanie Gates

Moving pallets around factories and warehouses can cause several safety issues. When a worker needs to load and unload pallets on mezzanine floors, they could end up falling from a height. Our pallet gates eliminate this safety issue. A simple solution that results in employees always being separated from the hazard.

Single Point Anchors

A single point anchor is made of a D-ring attached to a part of the existing structure, an overhead beam, a column or even a piece of equipment.  The D-ring can be directly bolted or clamped to eliminate drilling or welding. Lighthouse safety provides a complete ANSI Z359.6 compliant design package and training to ensure the anchorage is designed and used correctly.


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Loading & Unloading Platforms

Our railcar and truck access platforms accommodate a variety of loading and unloading tasks while allowing safe and efficient access. We provide multiple access platform solutions including single hatch access platforms, multi-station loading systems, gangways, and integrated canopy systems.

Rigid Rail

The versatile nature of our rigid rail systems allow us to configure a solution to your specific needs. The rigid construction minimizes fall distances allowing for protection at working levels as low as 4', making them ideal for any type of maintenance environment.


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