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Life-Threatening Safety Hazards Often Go Unidentified In The Fast-Paced Environment Of A Manufacturing Plant.

Fall Protection Solutions for Manufacturing

Fall protection safeguards manufacturing workers in a variety of industries. A professionally installed fall arrest system can distinguish between severe or fatal injuries from trips, slips, and falls when working at height.

We provide OSHA-compliant solutions for safety in manufactory environments, including air monitoring, hazmat, and confined space products.

Our comprehensive range of safety solutions is custom designed and accompanied by specialized training to ensure the safety of all manufactory industry workers.

We offer:
• Fall Safety for Aluminum Recycling
• Safety Solutions for Lumber Processing
• Heavy Vehicle Repair Fall Safety

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Manufacturing Fall Safety Solutions


Lighthouse's permanent and temporary guardrail systems feature a modular design that takes the complexity and high cost out of roof edge protection for good. Systems integrate with existing ladders, equipment, and obstructions and provide durable, compliant fall protection for all standard rooftops.

Lifeline Systems

Our full range of Lifeline Systems offer fully-compliant, practical safety solutions for structures of all types, in all industries. Lifeline Systems are used in a variety of applications.

Portable Solutions

Lighthouse Safety offers a wide range of portable, versatile, and reliable fall arrest solutions for unique work environments. These systems can be easily transported to locations where overhead fall protection is needed and not otherwise available.

Rigid Rail

The versatile nature of our rigid rail systems allow us to configure a solution to your specific needs. The rigid construction minimizes fall distances allowing for protection at working levels as low as 4', making them ideal for any type of maintenance environemnt.


Unprotected skylights pose a significant fall risk and are one of the most common causes of falling accidents from rooftops in general industry. Lighthouse Safety's skylight system and skylight railing solutions provide compliant protection to keep roof workers safe and help avoid accidental falls.

Walkways & Platforms

Lighthouse Safety offers a comprehensive line of fall safety solutions that include permanent and portable walkways and platforms. Our modular access system designs add versatility and reduce installation time.

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