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Fall Protection for Food & Beverage

Many brands are now increasing their use of contract manufacturers, investing more in new product development, and adopting technologies to automate what have been historically manual processes. While it's always essential to maintain productivity in a business, safety compliance should never be compromised, especially when working at heights. Taking shortcuts to meet daily production targets […]
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The Importance of Skylight Fall Safety Systems in Commercial Buildings

Skylight fall safety is a crucial concern for building owners. When planning modern construction, building owners often like to have multiple skylights on the rooftop. While they provide a decent amount of daylight, skylights can be dangerous for maintenance workers operating on the building’s rooftop. To ensure skylight fall protection, building owners need safety systems […]
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The Importance of Fall Safety Equipment for Window Washers

We love clean and shiny windows on a building. But the ones who perform the task of washing them have to carry out dangerous and risky methods to finish their job. The 1974 HSW Act has set forth general duties that employers have towards their employees. They must ensure that the health, welfare, and safety […]
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The Importance of Assessments and Equipment Inspections in Manufacturing Facilities

As United States manufacturers restore growth and competitiveness to pre-pandemic levels, the operational focus has not been on accident prevention or new safety initiatives. However, for an industry that employs 8.5% of the workforce and accounts for 11.6% of the total output in the economy, it’s never been more necessary to identify potential hazards that […]
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