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The Power of OSHA-compliant Fall Protection for Electric Utilities.

The Power of OSHA-compliant Fall Protection for Electric Utilities.

Some people claim they cannot do much of anything without their morning coffee. Others rely on a mid-afternoon “energy drink” to get them through the rest of the day. Nutrition advocates say that fruits like bananas and avocados provide a needed lift. Whether a jolt of caffeine, carbs, or sugar, people get a boost of […]
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5 Ways to Protect Rooftop Workers at Telecommunications and Data Centers

5 Ways to Protect Data Center Rooftop Work

If ever there was a growth industry, it is the transference and storage of digital data through telecommunications towers and data centers.   If ever there was a hazardous job, it is servicing the cell towers and building services equipment on the rooftops of these facilities.  Cell towers need to stand tall and operate ceaselessly. Structural […]
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Rooftop Fall Protection for Educational and Healthcare Facilities

Test time!  Whether you are in a classroom or hospital bed the specter of a test can be a frightening prospect.   Then again, if you paid attention and studied in school, you should do well on your exam. If you have followed your doctor’s orders—nutrition, exercise, rest—you will hopefully have a clean bill of health.  […]
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Fall Protection Guardrails for Parks and Recreation

From the excitement of amusement parks to the wonderment of zoos (A to Z), public spaces and recreational venues enhance the quality of life in the communities they serve. They encourage physical activity, promote social cohesion, contribute to the economy, offer educational and cultural enrichment opportunities, provide relaxation, protect the environment, and much more. As […]
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Spring is Here with a Clear Need for Rooftop Fall Protection  

Springtime means flowers in bloom, birds returning north, and perhaps best of all, baseball is back.   What we don’t like to talk about is that it also means spring cleaning. With the sun shining and ice melting, commercial, institutional, and industrial building maintenance workers need to access the roof to see what winter has wrought […]
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The Importance of  Inspections and Re-certifications  

Inspections and re-certifications play a pivotal role in upholding the ongoing safety and functionality of fall protection systems within industrial facilities. Often reguarded as the insurance policy for these systems, routine and thorough inspections serve as a critical mechanism for ensuring their continued effectiveness.   Like regular health check-ups for the body, inspections provide vital assessments […]
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Identifying and Reducing Fall Hazards

Mitigating fall hazards to enhance safety and compliance begins with awareness. The data on trauma injuries that occurred in 2020 shows that slips, trips, and falls contributed to 18% of the total 1,176,340 nonfatal work injuries that resulted in missed workdays. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 850 cases of fatal […]
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How To Address the Top Three Oil & Gas Work at Height Hazards

Intense workloads and fast-paced oil and gas operations are seven times more dangerous than the average worksite. Accidents are more likely to occur in industries with intense workloads and fast-paced operations. However, with the various equipment and materials used in petrochemical processing, oil and gas extraction, drilling and servicing operations, the risks and hazards associated […]
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Fall Protection for Large Vehicle Maintenance

Technicians and mechanics responsible for inspecting, maintaining, repairing, and assembling large vehicles and mobile equipment may face fall hazards when accessing the top or bottom of their work. To ensure worker safety, it is crucial to understand the risks associated with these tasks and provide adequate training and work-at-height safety solutions. During large vehicle inspections […]
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