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The Importance of Skylight Fall Safety Systems in Commercial Buildings

Skylight fall safety is a crucial concern for building owners. When planning modern construction, building owners often like to have multiple skylights on the rooftop. While they provide a decent amount of daylight, skylights can be dangerous for maintenance workers operating on the building’s rooftop. To ensure skylight fall protection, building owners need safety systems […]
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The Importance of Fall Safety Equipment for Window Washers

We love clean and shiny windows on a building. But the ones who perform the task of washing them have to carry out dangerous and risky methods to finish their job. The 1974 HSW Act has set forth general duties that employers have towards their employees. They must ensure that the health, welfare, and safety […]
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Fall Protection Requirements and Solutions for Rooftop Work

The safety of personnel handling rooftop work is one of the biggest concerns for several industries, including construction, maintenance, telecommunications, emergency services, and solar system installation. The risk of falls, and even deaths, while working on rooftops imposes a legal and ethical responsibility on employers to put proper fall protection measures in place for their […]
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