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Welcome to the Lighthouse Safety Resource Center. Here you will find a directory of information such as product sales sheets, technical information, installation guides, user guides and more to help you understand the value our product offering. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact one of our Lighthouse Safety fall protection specialists today!

Digital Downloads

Comprehensive Catalog

Who We Are & What We Do. Lighthouse Safety products and services overview. 

Aircraft Safety Brochure

A compliant hangar and safe maintenance crew is our mission.

Eliminating Swing Fall for Overhead Fall Protection

There are many different aircrafts today with differing heights from the wings, fuselage, vertical and horizontal stabilizers to the ground. Maintenance of these aircrafts often require people to work at heights. Due to the variations in aircrafts and continual upgrades to aircrafts, it can be a challenge to have a fall protection system that will accommodate these changes.

Rooftop Safety Audit Brochure

Discover how our products and services ensure rooftop safety and compliance.

Rooftop Stepover Platform Brochure

Create safe routes over rooftop objects and obstructions without penetrating the roof membrane.

Commercial Workstand Brochure

Solutions to help technicians and mechanics become safer and more productive. 

Rigid Post Anchor Catalog

Rigid tieback anchor posts provide a solution for roofs that lack permanent guardrails or tie-off points.

Rigid Post Anchor Technical Specs

Technical details for our rigid post offering. 

Horizontal Lifeline Brochure

Find out about our energy absorbing lifeline system suitable for use on roofs, ceilings and other structures.

Mezzanine & Safety Gate Brochure

Our self-closing pallet, mezzanine & rooftop safety gates brochure.  

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