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Our consulting services, with an expert fall protection plan, will keep your work at height up to regulated safety standards

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The primary aspects of Lighthouse Safety’s fall protection consulting services include analyzing needs, identifying solutions, and implementing the ideal safety solutions. From engineered systems and personal protection equipment to training, we are recognized in the mid-west for our ability to help establish strong safety cultures. A comprehensive approach that ensures compliance and enhances productivity.

Lighthouse Safety team’s knowledge of State and Federal standards and fall protection system design expertise provides the background for reviewing and recommending specific Fall Protection programs. Our user training, rescue options and plans ensure users understand best practices, proper safety techniques and protocols.


Solution proposals provided to customers in a detailed format that is easy to understand to assist in making informed decisions on the most effective ways to solve risks & hazards.


Assistance in developing corporate safety programs that meet operational demands and at least meet but often exceed compliance regulations.


Fall hazard evaluations that use the industry recognized ANSI risk index method and rank compliance issues according to frequency of exposure (risk) and severity of injury (hazard).

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