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Fall Protection Engineering Services

A team of qualified, knowledgeable, in-house engineers who specialize in fall protection design.

Delivering premium engineering services to our clients

When your facility requires site-specific fall protection engineering services, we deliver high-quality specs and designs for your customized safety Systems.

With our knowledge, experience, skills, and resources, your fall safety solution is not restricted to off-the-shelf items or pre-engineered products. Our fall protection experts custom fabricate and powder coat steel for superior fall protection applications. Lighthouse Safety can design engineer systems for airplane hangars, roofs, and more.

User Friendly

Designs that enable unobstructed work at height while exceeding OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.


Design services that address a full range of needs from design, analysis, fabrication, installation, and maintenance.


No facility can outwit our site-specific approach to creating a safe and compliant work environment.


State-of-the-art process and systems with over 25 years of success and tens of thousands of solutions nationwide.

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