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Access Ramps

Easily install, modify, or remove within a day using only a bolt driver. Our modular access ramps are available in various configurations.

 Accessibility Made Easy by Public Access Ramps

Ensuring seamless access to workplaces is imperative for regulatory adherence. Lighthouse Safety has a solution with its modular accessibility ramps, designed to align with ADA regulations. Rightway Pro ramps meet standards regarding slope, width, handrails, and other crucial criteria, fostering inclusivity within the workforce.

The adaptability and straightforward installation process of the Rightway Pro ramps allow them to seamlessly integrate into diverse work settings. Whether confronting spatial constraints or navigating expansive areas, these ramps can be customized to suit specific requirements. By being ADA compliant, we assure full adherence to the necessary standards, thereby accommodating every member of your workforce effectively.


The Rightway Pro access ramps are designed to tackle unforeseen installation challenges, helping to avoid costly delays.


The metal parts of Rightway Pro ramps are made from aluminum and steel with a powder-coated finish, so they're tough and built to last. They won't rust, keeping their strength no matter the environment.


Rightway Pro Ramps are customized to fit different levels, uneven surfaces, or any other barriers that might get in the way of safe access.

All-Weather Tread

Our ramps are less likely to get ice and snow buildup due to our special marine mini-mesh grating. The holes in the treads let the melted snow and ice drain away, letting safe access not matter the season. 

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Access Ramps Features & Benefits

Easy Assembly

Access ramps can be assembled on-site by maintenance personnel, removing the necessity for specialized labor.

No Welding 

Our ramps come with standard modules and uses bolted connections, so there's no need for welding. This not only saves time, reduces risks, and cuts costs but also makes assembly quick and safe.


Modular access ramps for public use, move from design to implementation almost twice as fast as welded ramp systems do.


Should the requirements for your work platform change, the modular design of our platforms provides on-site flexibility, enabling adjustments or expansions as necessary.
Access ramps with stairs and L shape
Engineered For Safety
Our public access modular ramps are carefully crafted by experienced access engineers, backed by a worldwide team of compliance specialists. They undergo rigorous testing, meeting the most stringent standards, all confirmed and verified. With Lighthouse Safety's history of delivering secure access solutions, you can rest assured that your workers' safety is held to the highest regard.
l ramp
Built To Last 
Made from lightweight yet strong aluminum and sturdy powder-coated steel, Rightway Pro access ramps guarantee durability. Designed to endure harsh weather conditions, our modular ramps are built to last. Plus, they undergo rigorous load testing to ensure stability and safety. Requiring minimal maintenance, our access ramps offer years of safe usage.
ramp with stairs / L ramp
Coast-Effective Industrial Grade Ramp Systems 
Public access ramp systems provide a budget-friendly option compared to traditional welded ramp systems. Using prefabricated components, the modular design of safety ramps enables efficient design and installation without sacrificing quality or durability. Certified for strength and manufactured consistently, the components ensure a permanent access ramp system for your facility.

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