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Confined Space & Rescue Equipment

Avoid Hazards And Stay Safe On The Job With Industry-Leading Confined Space Solutions

Working In Confined Spaces 

The confined space equipment experts at Lighthouse Safety have the right tools to help you do your job even in tight spaces.

We know you can't always control how much or how little space is available to perform your job. We offer a range of safety solutions tailored to industry, commercial services, rescue teams, and individuals who need a specific confined space solution. All the while, we ensure safety within OSHA and ANSI compliance.

Lighthouse Safety has the confined space solutions you need, from portable lift and hoist systems for underground rescue and utility work to compact rescue ladders and more.

We also feature portable ladder systems for tankers and lightweight manual lift equipment. Trust the experts in fall protection at Lighthouse Safety when selecting your portable fall arrest systems and accessories. Whatever your confined space needs, Lighthouse Safety has the solution.

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Confined Space Safety Products 

Temporary Davit Arms

Davit Arms are mainstay in confined space and rescue operations. Available in a variety of configurations, these unique pieces of equipment are the go-to solution for multiple scenarios thanks to the multitude of options available including: manual or motorized, fixed or adjustable, as well as a variety of sizes.

Temporary Davit Arms

Tank Anchors

A full range of Clamp-On tank anchors for above ground storage tanks that provide options for tie off equipment are available including rope and rope grab, fixed stainless steel wire rope and retractable lifelines.


Portable and lightweight aluminum tripods are the ideal solutions for confined space entry and rescue. Their portability makes them ideal for mobilizing them from one location to another as needed while only requiring a single worker to set up. Attaching one or two mechanical devices (such as a winch or a retractable lifeline) quickly turns a Tripod into a life-saving piece of equipment.

Confined Space Tripods

Pole Rescue Kit

Enables safe and secure peer rescue after a fall on the jobsite. For workers in construction, transportation, mining, utilities, and oil and gas industries, accidents and falls can be part of the job—that's why it's important to have a premium personal safety kit with all the elements needed for assisted rescue.

Training & Demonstrations

OSHA code 1910.146 requires employers to evaluate the workplace to determine if any spaces are permit-required confined spaces. This program is designed to help companies develop a general industry safety training program for permit-required confined spaces. Our training programs include Handbooks, Tests, and Certification Cards and our demonstrations are tailored to the specific work routines and environment of your facility.  

Standby & Rescue Team

LHS contract the best standby rescue teams in the area to ensure your safety when required.  At least one of the technicians onsite will have SPRAT Level III training.

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