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Rooftop Davit Anchor System

Davits Offers A Practical And Safe Suspension System To Reduce Fall Hazards Permanently.

Davit Anchor Arms and Bases

It's the building owner or manager's responsibility to maintain the building's upkeep, but most importantly, it is their responsibility to ensure all safety regulations are being met while the work is getting done.

A davit arm system is a common way for workers to perform regular maintenance on commercial buildings like painting, siding, repairs, window washing, and much more. Rooftop davit's functions allow workers to rise, lower, and suspend from the building. Additionally, the elevated platforms, that are supported by the roof davit systems, are specifically constructed by Lighthouse Safety's permanent or temporary rooftop davit arm systems. This ensures safety and efficiency throughout the work process.

Lighthouse Safety rooftop protection systems include:
• High strength aluminum alloy
• Vertical formed socket bottom plate
• Middle support bar
• Transport handle
• Roller wheel assembly.

All roof Davit solutions conform to OSHA standards. We provide design/layout, engineering, product, installation and pull testing to meet OSHA1910.27(b)(1)(i).

Davit Roof Features



Sockets and davit systems are particulary effective for buildings up to 490 feet in height and those with multiple levels, such a terraces and roof levels. The base plate is constructed from 16mm hot-dipped galvanized steel and features two anchor points, each capable of withstanding 22.2kN (5,000 Ibs) in any direction.

Single Source

Maximizing the utility and fall protection provided by the sockets and davits requires expertise. Lighthouse Safety is a turnkey provider offering comprehensive services including engineering design, fabrication, installation, testing, inspections, and training.


All components, including the davit arm, base, adapter sockets, and transport assemblies, comply with CAL/OSHA and IBC standards. The standard mobile davit socket features a vertical formed socket, bottom plate, middle support bar, transport handle, and roller wheel assembly. Made from ASTM A36 steel with a fully galvanized finish per ASTM A123, it meets OSHA standards.


The mobile socket attaches to a mobile socket pedestal, which is secured to the building structure. It can be permanently installed for easy routine maintenance or purchased as individual units and pairs to wnhance productivity.

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Roof Davit Systems

Safety Tieback Anchors

Tieback Anchors offer safe, practical, and reliable anchorage points where leading-edge hazards exist on a range of rooftop and facade work. Lighthouse safety permanent tiebacks are designed and engineered to exceed OSHA standards.

Our safety tieback anchors provide anchorage for workers operating on self-powered or roof-powered platforms and stages and independent fall protection anchors for window washing davit systems and building maintenance systems.

Kee Anchors - Diamond Towers

Davit Arms & Sockets

Our Davit arms and sockets are easy to operate, economical, and customizable to fit all fall protection needs.

Davits are constructed from a lightweight, yet, strong aluminum alloy and support a practical suspension system, while the sockets are crafted from galvanized steel to fix safety to a building structure.

Both systems offer the advantage of allowing maintenance personnel to board the stage while it rests on the rooftop and can be designed to work on buildings with multiple levels.

Davits For Window Washing

Window maintenance can be an intimidating task, but that's where window davits come in. These davit arms are used to lift systems that allow operators to access the exterior of the building to conduct the necessary maintenance or repairs. Window davits are ideal for traditional methods of window maintenance that are not practical or safe.

Window Washing Fall Protection

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