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Fall Arrest Systems

We're in the business of helping employees return home safely after working at height.

Fall Arrest Solutions

Fall arrest systems are designed to provide workers with a full range of motion to help them perform their work at height and in the event of a fall limit the distance and impact force. Should a fall event occur, the system engages to stop and absorb the energy of a fall.

Depending on the worker routines & environment engineered fall arrest solutions will include equipment such as self-retracting lifelines, full body harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards, connectors, anchors or trolleys. However, in all cases, fall arrest systems require training of authorized personnel in their proper use and a carefully thought-out rescue plan.

Lighthouse Safety fall protection specialists conduct work at height risk and hazard assessments and our team has decades of expertise in handling OSHA/ANSI system design, installation, certification and assisting employers in formulating their training programs and rescue plans to ensure a safe, effective, and compliant fall arrest system.

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Anchor Points

In any active fall protection system, careful consideration must be taken in determining a suitable anchorage point for tying off. Anchor Points can be used in a variety of tasks and applications. OSHA and ANSI compliant, cost effective and easy to use, our tie off options anchors are being used in general industry and building maintenance applications around the world.
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Confined Space & Rescue

We know you can't always control how much or how little space is available to perform your job. We offer a range of safety solutions tailored to industry, commercial services, rescue teams, and individuals who need a specific confined space solution. All the while, we ensure safety within OSHA and ANSI compliance.

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Conined Space


Davit and socket systems are implemented worldwide, easy to operate, economical and readily customized. Socket systems are generally exposed, but can be recessed below the roof surface where a public space requires an aesthetic solution.

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Lifeline Systems

Our full range of Lifeline Systems offer fully-compliant, practical safety solutions for structures of all types, in all industries. Lifeline Systems are used in a variety of industries and applications.

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Horiztonal Lifeline

Portable Solutions

Lighthouse Safety has a portable fall protection solution for most fall hazards, from simple freestanding single-point anchors to remote-controlled, drivable, and height-adjustable solutions.

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Rigid Rail

Our range of Industrial Safety Products increase workplace safety, productivity and reduce employee injuries by protecting people, machinery, building walls, shelving, racks, doors, finished products, and anything else that requires protection on site.

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