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Safety Lifelines

Protect Your Workers From Fall Risks With Professionally Engineered Lifeline Systems.

Lifeline Systems

Lighthouse Safety's range of lifeline systems offers compliant, accessible, and practical fall arrest for all your protection needs. Lifeline Systems create safety solutions for fall protection when working on roofs, overhead, railcars, pipe racks, water treatment facilities, cranes and arena rigging grids. Lighthouse Safety has the knowledge and ability to provide the proper layout to keep your employees safe in any position.

Versatile Fall Protection Solution

Non-Stop  Protection

Our horizontal lifeline systems provide uninterrupted protection in runs of up to 200 feet which gives workers unencumbered and reliable protection near fall hazards.

Flexible Design

Features a wide range of mounting and attaching options which gives our fall protection engineers the ability to design systems that accommodate obstacles, corners, and varying footprints.

Mounting Options

Horizontal lifeline systems are designed and installed in three main orientations: raised rigid or tip-over post at working-walking level, as a side-mount (wall) solution or as an overhead system.

OSHA Compliant

OSHA-compliant, rigorously third-party-tested, and designed using durable, weather resistant components, our overhead horizontal lifeline systems provide trouble-free fall protection that withstands the test of time.

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Lifeline System Solutions

Rooftop Horizontal Lifelines

The KeeLine® horizontal life line system is Smart Personal Fall Protection. A flexible, cost effective option for working at height that gives your rooftop workers freedom to work and ensures that are securely tied off at all times.


  • Maximum span of 39′ allows 3 users at one time
  • A combination of galvanized and stainless steel components ensure longevity
  • Test internally and verify externally to maximize peace of mind
  • Installed by trained and certified installers

Exceeding Standards: 

  • OSHA Code 1910.140(c)(11-22)
  • EN795 2012
  • CEN TS 16415:2013
  • ANSI Z359
  • CSA Z259
horizontal lifeline

Piperack Horizontal Lifelines

Piperack horizontal lifelines offer exceptional fall safety protection when working on uneven surfaces, like pipelines.

horizontal lifeline on a piperack

Portable Horizontal Lifelines

The portable horizontal lifeline system is a professional safety solution where temporary flat roof safety solutions are required.

portable horizontal lifeline

Overhead Horizontal Lifelines

Our Horizontal overhead Lifelines are designed and engineers to provide compliant safety solutions to prevent fall hazards overhead.

overhead lifeline / horizontal lifeline

Vertical Lifelines

Though Ladders are used in various jobs daily, workers at height are at significant risk of falls from ladders without the right fall protection.

Vertical lifeline on ladder

Lifeline System Resources

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Horizontal Lifeline FAQs

Is a Horizontal Lifeline or Rigid Rail system better?

Depends on the application, task, clearance, and feasibility of installation. Rigid Rail offers superior fall distances while Horizontal Lifelines can be installed places Rigid Rail may not be feasible.

What are OSHA regulations for lifelines?

For General Industry (1910), for Construction (1926). Recommend using ANSI Z359.6 for further guidance on any design of lifeline systems.

What is a Horizontal Lifeline?

A component of a fall protection system consisting of a line for connection to anchorages at both ends as a means for connecting other components of the system to the anchorage. Lifelines can be engineered as horizontal or vertical, temporary, or permanent, rigid or flexible.

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