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Portable Solutions

Freestanding fall protection for portable, accessible safety solutions when working at height.

Portable Fall Protection

Lighthouse Safety provides a diverse selection of portable fall protection systems, adaptable, and dependable fall arrest solutions tailored for diverse work settings. Our range includes everything from straightforward freestanding single-point anchors to advanced remote-controlled, drivable, and height-adjustable options. With solutions available for nearly every conceivable fall hazard, our portable fall arrest systems offer flexibility and mobility, ensuring professional overhead safety across various industries working at height.

Portable Solution Features

Quick Delivery

Delivered quickly and cost-effectively throughout North American using our distributors that share our commitment to quality.


Rated for indoor and outdoor use and can be outfitted for multiple environments, applications or terrain providing reliable fall protection for even the most unique work environments

Easy to Deploy

Provides safe and compliant temporary overhead fall arrest protection when space is limited or there is low overhead clearance.

OSHA Compliant

Meets the applicable requirements including ANSI 14.3, OSHA 1910.26, CSAZ11-M81, OSHA 1910.23, Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Division Fall Protection Guidelines

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Portable Solutions

Portable Anchor Points

This deadweight portable anchor system is quick-to-assemble and easy to use. Lighthouse Safety Portable Anchor Points offer a safety solution for roofs where guardrails or other anchor devices are not provided. We have designed these anchor points to provide fall protection for low-frequency operations on roofs with up to a 5-degree pitch. Suitable for maintenance work on flat roofs and equipment installed at roof level, including equipment, air conditioning units, telecommunications, and lightning conductors.

Features & Benefits:

  • Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Rubber moulded base weights prevent rubber pads ‘peeling’ at the edges
  • Over 100 suction cups set into a rubber bonded weight; maximizing grip
  • Fall safety of up to 2 workers providing they cannot get to less than 20 inches from the edge
  • Raised central pedestal reduces the distance of travel during a fall arrest event
  • Certified by our Professional Engineer

Portable Rigid Rail

Lighthouse Safety’s portable rigid rail & trolley systems provide a high level of affordable, accessible, and adjustable portable fall protection. A flexible stair system can be integrated to protect the ground up.

These portable rigid rail systems are available in various styles, heights, widths, and various wheel options to be fully customizable for any industry.

Portable Stairs

Lighthouse Safety engineers portable solutions that ensure a mobile access system offers exceptional roof safety for all industries.

Our adjustable and lightweight roof fall safety stairs offer exceptional protection on roofs to suit all budgets. Portable Stair systems are available to buy online with a range of wheel styles, and designed to support multiple users.

The portable stair fall protection systems boast robust powder-coated aluminum frames and zinc-plated steel for corrosion resistance and maximum durability.

Portable Horizontal Lifelines

Our portable horizontal lifeline solutions are suitable for whatever the weather, offering professional fall protection safety and protecting your workers from construction hazards.

Features & Benefits:

  • Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Rubber molded weights prevent rubber pads from peeling at edges
  • It does not penetrate the roof
  • Base weights enclosed in rubber molding
  • Suitable for use on any premises where roof safety is required

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