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Rescue Equipment

Emergency Rescue Equipment From The Leading Fall Protection Experts

Emergency Equipment

Emergencies don’t just happen when it’s convenient; that’s what makes them emergencies. Lighthouse Safety has the experience and training to provide the industry standard in emergency rescue systems and technical rescue equipment.

You can count on our emergency rescue systems to be ready to go whenever disaster strikes, day or night, in good weather or bad. From body harnesses to winches for confined space rescue, we keep emergency rescuers safe in the line of duty so they can focus on providing safety to others.

All our emergency rescue equipment meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards because when every second matters, there’s no time to waste worrying about the integrity of your equipment.

The fall protection experts at Lighthouse Safety have been providing fall protection, confined space and rescue equipment, installation, and training to businesses and organizations nationwide since 1993. Trust our experience to keep you safe on rescue calls.

Rescue System Products

Rescue Systems


  • Nylon Rescue Ropes
  • Edge Protection
  • Confined Space Rescue Products
  • Haul Safe Kits
  • ISC Carabiners
  • Full Body Harnesses

Personal Lowering Devices

Rope Rider & Evac-Pac Personnel Lowering Devices

The Rope Rider was designed for daily use by window washers, tower and bridge inspectors, and construction workers.

The unit provides the ideal descending method when combined with a boson’s chair and backup fall arrest system. The Rope Rider was designed to use 1/2″ or 7/16″ line and meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA standards.

It also meets NFPA component standards for two-person rescue when used with 1/2″ line. The Rope Rider, by its design, can be placed at any point on the line, making it an ideal rescue tool.

The Evac-Pac was designed for self-rescue and emergency evacuation situations that require the lowering of an incapacitated individual by rescue personnel.

With its dual braking design, self-rescue or personnel rescue is performed without risk of loss of rope control. It is lightweight, easily carried, and stored. A full-body harness utilizing a center “D” ring is recommended.

The unit runs on an 8mm (5/16″)NFPA rated line. The unit, along with attachment hardware and fifty feet of line, can be easily stored and carried in a fanny pack. Emergency crews can carry larger lengths of up to one hundred feet in modified hip packs.

Fire and Rescue

We are committed to providing the highest quality and most reliable engineered rescue equipment in the confined space and fall arrest fields.

Our priority is always the people who use our equipment. We recognize that those who use our products are placing their lives in our hands. We will be worthy of that trust.


  • 5 Piece Hoist System
  • UCL Cantilever Rescue system
  • Vehicle Hitch Mount Sleeve
  • UCT-1000 10 ft Tripod
  • UCL Digital Winches, Power Drive, and Accessories


Crane or Derrci Suspended Personnel Platforms, Featuring Our Patented Detachable Test Weight.

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