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Tieback Anchors

Tieback anchors are an affordable, versatile, and reliable way to ensure the safety of workers on roofs in the Pacific Northwest.

Rigid Post Tieback Anchor Solutions

Designed for use on roofs without permanent guardrails or other anchor devices, Lighthouse Safety Tieback Anchors provide safe, practical, and reliable protection for rooftop maintenance and facade work.

Known for their quality, durability, and versatility, our tieback anchors meet OSHA and Cal-OSHA engineering standards to resist fracture, pullout, and permanent deformation. Our range of attaching and mounting options provide flexibility for various applications including supporting suspended platforms, window washing operations, equipment tie-back, and horizontal lifelines.

At Lighthouse Safety, we understand the importance of timely safety solutions. Whether you need only the posts themselves or a fully designed and installed system, our engineers and fabricators are prepared to address even the most challenging fall safety requirements. Our standard rigid post designs are readily available for shipping, and for custom anchor projects, we offer rapid production and delivery to ensure that your safety needs are met without delay.


Without compromising safety, our tie-back anchors are a practical and cost-effective choice compared to many alternative solutions.


Made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, Cal/OSHA compliant, withstands 5,400 lbs. (24kN) in any direction without fracture or pullout and 2,500 lbs. (11.1kN) without permanent deformation.

Multiple Options

Our various mounting options suit various roof constructions and compositions, including D-ring, U-bar, and tapped hole attachments for lifelines.


Conform to all state and provincial labor and safety codes, including material standards for anchor fabrication, window cleaning, and other suspended maintenance operations.

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Mounting Options

clamp on/ beam clamp/ tieback anchor

Clamp-On / Beam Clamp

These anchor points are an excellent option for retrofit projects because they use patented steel-to-steel connectors to clamp onto structural steel.
weld on / tieback anchor


These anchors can be welded directly onto structural steel and are ideal for both new construction and retrofits.
Cast-in/ tieback anchor


Cast-in-place anchors are suitable for new construction on concrete roof slabs with a minimum grade of 3,000 psi and a thickness of at least 7 inches.
bolt around/wrap around/ tieback anchors

Bolt-Around / Wrap Around

These anchors can bolt around steel, wood, or concrete structures using connector rods and a backer plate, making them an excellent option for new builds.
epoxy/ adhesive / tieback anchor


Two types of adhesive: epoxy and shallow deck. Ideal for retrofitting concrete roof slabs.
screw in/ tieback anchors

Screw In

Designed for new construction, these anchors are directly screwed into wood decking with a low incline.

Application Options

Tieback Anchor

Offered as U-Bar or Forged Steel D-ring to provide a safe and secure attachment point for window washing and facade maintenance equipment.

Single Point Anchor

Single point anchors allow one user to securely attach a lanyard or retractable fall protection device.

Tapped Hole Anchor

Accepts horizontal lifeline components to provide ongoing safety while allowing for productivity and mobility.

Tieback Anchor Features

Anchor Heights 

Lighthouse offers 3 height options, 12", 18", and 24", to accommodate different roof construction. 

Compliance Assured

We leverage two different Tieback Anchor diameters and fabrication processes to address OSHA and Cal-OSHA requirements.

Compliance Standards:

  • OSHA 1926.502
  • ANSI z359.18
  • CSA z359.15
  • Cal-OSHA Title 8 3291

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