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Are work platforms height adjustable?

Yes, our engineering team can create a range of custom solutions, with field-adjustable heights and widths. Simply call one of our experts to get the project started.
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Are mobile platforms available?

Yes, platforms are available in either stationary or mobile configurations to best suit your needs
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How wide are your work platforms?

Standard width is 2' but our design team can provide custom width platforms upon request.
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What is the tallest work platform available?

We recommend a max height of 10' for standard Static Work Platforms. If you need a higher system please call one of our experts to help solve the problem.
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Are professional installation services available?

Yes, our nationwide network of professional integrators can provide installation services anywhere in North America. Simply request installation services with your quote and our team will handle the necessary arrangements.
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How do the work platforms ship?

Standard work platforms ship with cut pipe, fittings, and tread assemblies palletized and shrink-wrapped. Work platforms can ship fully or partially assembled for an additional fee, dependent size. Most customers prefer to have the platform shipped unassembled for easier roof loading.
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What type of surfaces will Skylight Screens work on?

Skylight screens can be designed to work with many forms of skylights and on many roof surfaces including curb, standing seam, and corrugated.
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What are the Skylight Screens made of?

Skylight screens are made using rigid galvanized carbon steel or 304 stainless steel and are built to withstand rain, snow, ice, wind, and heat better than other types of building materials.
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Do Skylight Screens penetrate the roof surface?

Our Skylight Screens are non-penetrating and consist of aluminum rails and mesh forming a cage-like structure around each skylight that clamps around the retaining frame of the skylight. We recommend avoiding skylight screens that require fasteners to penetrate the frame of the skylight as this could cause a leak issue.
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