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Who can install a Rigid Rail system?

Certified installers that are also Competent Persons and under the direct supervision of a QP. Additional trainings and certifications in areas such as lift operation, rigging, and steel erection are often required.
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Can Rigid Rail be relocated after it has been installed?

Yes, provided new location can sustain loads and sufficient clearance exists. Inspection and certification is required to verify condition of components before relocation occurs.
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Is a Horizontal Lifeline or Rigid Rail system better?

Depends on the application, task, clearance, and feasibility of installation. Rigid Rail offers superior fall distances while Horizontal Lifelines can be installed places Rigid Rail may not be feasible.
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What is the minimum ground clearance?

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What are the annual inspection requirements?

The frequency will depend upon the environment, location and usage but should be at least every 12 months.
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What are safe methods to access a roof?

Fixed ladder, temporary ladders, stairs and manlifts are all potentially safe methods of accessing a roof. A job hazard analysis should be performed to ensure the access can be done in a safe manner. If near the edge, protecting access points with additional guardrail around the access point to protect the worker once on the […]
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Do I need fall protection on a roof?

OSHA allows for the use of work rules in lieu of fall protection on low slope roofs if there is no work or access withing 15’ of the edge of the roof. The employer must document, train and enforce this rule for anyone accessing the roof. Other fall hazards on the roof such as fragile […]
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What are OSHA regulations for lifelines?

For General Industry (1910), for Construction (1926). Recommend using ANSI Z359.6 for further guidance on any design of lifeline systems.
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What is a Horizontal Lifeline?

A component of a fall protection system consisting of a line for connection to anchorages at both ends as a means for connecting other components of the system to the anchorage. Lifelines can be engineered as horizontal or vertical, temporary, or permanent, rigid or flexible.
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